Spring Break

To be completely honest, I was pretty sure that spring break, with its serious lack of daily routine, was going to have us all at each others throats.  Kids fighting with each other , me shouting for them to just get along already....mammas, I know you feel me.  

But I have to gloat here a little and say its been awesome!  Sure there's been some typical sibling bickering going on, but mostly we've just had lots of fun getting free reign of our days, sleeping in a little with no where to be right away, and simply just enjoying our time together.  

So since the kids have been playing really well (everyone knock on wood), I took the opportunity to capture some of the fun yesterday, just hanging around our yard enjoying the little things.

How is your spring break treating you?  Let me know in the comments if you've been savouring the time off, or if your just ready for school to get started again ;)